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WISECP has advanced infrastructure features and built-in product group to offer international sms delivery services. Provide sms sending services all over the world with the SMS credit method. All sms sending operations are completely automatic and instant..

SMS Service Providers

WISECP is integrated with many popular global SMS service providers.




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Sender ID Management

In order to send sms with a special sender ID to some countries, some documents are required to be uploaded. The uploaded documents are processed into the SMS document management system of your WISECP management panel and put on hold for your review. In case of any missing documents, you can reject the sender ID request so that your customer can upload the missing documents.

Instant SMS Delivery

WISECP uses API for sms sending process. Through the API systems of the sms service providers integrated with the system, all sms sending process are automatically performed instantly.

Detailed Reporting

All SMS messages sent are reported in detail on the client area > service details and admin area. In addition, the delivery status of the SMS is also given in detail. In this way, your customers can see whether the SMS they send have reached their recipients.

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API Service

You can provide API service to your customers for your SMS service. Your customers can make many actions that can be done over the service details with API.

Balance Status

Customers can view sms credit balance information and perform credit loading.

Guide Management

Thanks to the guide management on the client area > service details, group creation, group editing and blacklist operations can be provided.

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