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VPS/Cloud Server Selling

With WISECP, VPS/Cloud server sales and after-sales server management processes are fully automatic and smooth. The customer can select a server package and configure it according to his preferences, and upon completion of the purchasing process, the server installation is automatically performed instantly.

VPS/Cloud Integrations

WISECP is integrated with many popular control panels and service providers.

Hetzner Cloud

Extended Integration




All Integrations

Advanced Features

WISECP, VPS/Cloud server automation infrastructure has the advanced features.

Automatic Activation

When a purchasing process is complete, the server setup starts automatically and is completed in a short time. Your customer can start using the server service they purchased immediately.

Additional Services

You can offer paid additional services to your customers during the product purchase process. These are for example: CPU, RAM, DISK, PANEL LICENSE etc. It can be in different ways.

Order Requirements

In order for the order to be automatically activated without any problems, there may be some information that your customers need to define during the purchasing process. (For example: "ISO / Image".) You can ask your customers to define some required information in connection with the module during the purchasing process.

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Server Management

Your customer can stop, start, soft-reboot the server and reset the root user password.


Your customer can rebuild the server by choosing any operating system.

Reserve DNS (PTR)

Your customer can edit the PTR records of their IP addresses.

Additional IP (Floating IPs)

Your customer can create and manage Floating IPs within the limits of previously purchased Floating IPs.


MThanks to the backup additional service, your customer can view the backups created, take manual backups and restore instantly.


Thanks to the snapshots additional service, your customer can view the snapshot created, take manual snapshot and restore instantly.


Your customer can view all ISO images defined in the system and can mount / unmount them.

Package Upgrade

Your customer can make upgrade to a higher package.

Importing Existing Services

You can easily transfer existing server services created before to your customers in WISECP.

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