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Automatic Discount Calculate

When your reseller account is active, the discount rates are calculated according to the number of active and paid licenses in your account and the discount is applied automatically.

High Discount Rates

As a WISECP reseller, you get high dealer discounts compared to the market. The more sales you make, the more discount you get.

Advanced Reseller Panel

We offer our resellers an advanced panel. In this way, all sales, discounts and everything you need are at hand.

Reseller Discount Rates
License Count Discount Rate
2 9 %22
10 24 %32
25 74 %42
75 149 %55
150 300 %65

The discount rate automatically goes to the next tier according to the number of active licenses in your account.

Join the Reseller Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a reseller? What are the requirements for reseller?

Anyone who wants to sell WISECP license can apply for our reseller program. To take advantage of reseller discounts, you must have at least 2 active and paid licenses in your account.

The reseller program is about applying discounts to sell WISECP licenses to others in "continuity". It is not only to earn discounts for licenses defined in your account.


  • Discounts are not applied for the licenses available before the reseller activation. Discounts will be applied only for new license purchases.
  • Discount is applied according to the types of licenses registered in your account. For example: If your account has 2 qty "Monthly" licenses, a discount will apply to the third "Monthly" license.

How are the discounts calculated?

Depending on the number of active and paid licenses in your account, your reseller discount is automatically calculated and applied.

I use WISECP, can I sell automatically through my system?

Of course. Our reseller system is integrated in WISECP. Follow the "Services > Service Management > Module Settings" path from your admin area. Activate the reseller system on the page that opens after clicking the "Product License" field on the page that opens. You can obtain your API key through your my.wisecp client panel.

Do you give API access?

Of course. With our API service, license activation, license renewal and license domain changes can be done automatically. You must have enough credit in your my.wisecp account to be able to trade via the API. Please click for our WISECP Reseller API documents.

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