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Database Access Security
Sensitive Data Security
Administrator Access Security
Auto Activated Bot Shield
Brute Force Protection
Location / IP / Browser Authentication
Preventing the Use of Proxy/VPN
Built-in and Free Fraud Protection
Client Blacklist Feature
Advanced Document Management and Verification
Two-Factor Authentication
Database Backup
Cache (Memory System)
Domain Name Management
Automatic Activation
Auto Import Extensions
Importing Domain Names
Automatic Cost/Sale Amount Calculation
Automated Promotions
Billing and Accounting
Automated Billing and Provisioning
Easy Invoice Payment
Sharing an Invoice
Advanced Cash Management
Regional Tax Rules (Especially EU)
Automatic Update of Invoice Amount
Invoice Merge and Split
Invoice Formalization
Support System
AJAX Supported Ticket System
One-to-One Support Ticket
Predefined Responses
Custom Fields
Knowledge Base
Product and Service Management
Easy Order Creation
Automatic Suspend and UnSuspend
Service Transfer Between Customers
Automatic Hosting Account Creation
Automatic VPS Creation
Built-in Software Product Group
Built-in and Free License Management System
Global SMS Selling
Create a Custom Product Group
Language and Currency
Find and Replace in Languages
Easily Create a Language in the Admin Area
Automatic Language Detection with Geo-location
152 Ready Currency
Automatic Currency Detection with Geo-location
Automatic Exchange Rate Calculation with API
Real-Time Customer Monitoring
Detailed Reporting
E-Mail Marketing
SMS Marketing
Birthday Marketing
Affiliate System
Advanced Reseller System
General Features
Intuitive and User-Oriented System
High Performance in Big Data Volume
Unique Design User/Admin Interface
Built-in/Integrated Front Interface Themes
Full Manage for Built-in Themes from the Admin Area
Mobile Compatible/Responsive Front Interface
Mobile Compatible/Responsive Admin Area
Highly Functional Admin Interface
Numerous Payment Gateways
Numerous API Integration
Easy and Smooth Client Management
Web 2.0 AJAX Supported Interface
Advanced "Smart Search" Feature in Admin Area
Built-in SEO Tools
RTL Support

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