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Domain Name Sales is Now Very Easy!

Thanks to WISECP's unique domain name sales and management features, it is now very easy for you to sell domains! You can transfer all domain extensions to your system with a single click, calculate costs and prices automatically, update all extensions collectively, and provide many more process easily.

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WISECP is integrated with many popular domain name registrars.


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Advanced Features

WISECP domain name automation infrastructure has the advanced features.

Import All Extensions

You can transfer all domain extensions available on your service provider to your system within seconds with a single click. After the transfer process, you can list all extensions on the "Extensions and Costs" list and edit them.

Automatically Update Prices

You do not need to adjust the sales prices of domain extensions on WISECP one by one. With just one click, you can automatically update the sales price of hundreds of extensions according to the profit rate you set.

Automated Promotions

Often times, domain registrars run promotions for some extensions. It is quite difficult to follow them under normal conditions. Thanks to WISECP, you no longer have to follow promotions! All promotions organized by the service provider are automatically applied to your WISECP automation.

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Automatic Years Calculation

Sales prices from 1 year to 10 years are calculated automatically. Step-by-step identification is not required for each year. It is sufficient to determine the 1-year sales price only.

Automatic Domain Synchronization

The due date and transfer status of all domain names registered in the system are automatically tracked and processed by the system.

Easy Domain Transfer

A previously registered domain name can be easily transferred to the system by client. For this, it is enough to enter the transfer code and complete the process.

Importing Domain Names

If you have previously registered domain names on the service provider, you can easily transfer all domain names to your WISECP registered customers.

Whois Lookup

The whois information of the domain name can be queried through both the administration area and the website interface.

Highlight TLD Extensions

You can highlight the domain name extension you want on the website homepage and domain name registration page.

DNS Management

DNS change and custom name server creation can be done easily through the client area and admin area.

Whois Update and Protection

Whois information can be easily updated through the client area and admin area and whois protection can be activated. Additional fees may be charged for whois protection activation.

Premium Domain Sales

You can sell premium domains. Your domain registrar should support the premium domain name sales.

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