WISECP v2.2 is Now Available!

What's New?

New: Classic Theme

Themes must look great, otherwise, would your visitor ever like an old and outdated style?

Simple & Traditional Classic Theme has released, for an indepedent client area

Theme can be previewed and activated through theme management

Unique Feature: Prohibited List

Now with WISECP's new version, you are able to prohibit and restrict the users from performing different actions. Completely helps in securing your control panel, and plays a vital role against fraud.

Thanks to our newly developed "Prohibited List", you can prevent creating an account or purchasing new services with unwanted domain name, e-mail, phone number and specified words.

For example: If you don't want temporary email services or free email services (gmail, hotmail, etc.) to be used when creating an account, you can add the relevant domain addresses to the "Domain List" section. You can dis-allow users from ordering by adding phrases used for phishing and illegal activities to the "Word List".

More Advanced Domain Management

What is the point of a web hosting billing platform without a proper domain management system? WISECP provides complete, advanced domain management system, providing greater control over domains

Domain Management has been reviewed and WHOIS Lookup has been introduced!

While making a domain name query by the customer, "WhoIS lookup button" and "Transfer" button has been added for unavailable extensions.

In addition, the "Whois Lookup" feature has been added so that you can quickly query the status of a domain name you want on the admin panel.

Manage Support Tickets More Easily!

Managing support tickets is now much faster and easier than before.

When you assign a support ticket to any staff member, the notes you define for the ticket will appear as popups on the staff screen. So instead of reviewing the entire ticket history, your staff will focus only on the issues described in the note information.

You can now quickly create invoices for the customer on the support ticket detail.

If the customer is on the blacklist, you can see this in the support ticket detail.


  • Performance and security optimizations were made.
  • The "Upgrade" feature has been added to the AutoVM module without deleting the current server.
  • "Can Use Proxy" feature has been added in "Admin Area > Client Detail > Security" section.
  • In the add / remove credit window on "Admin Area > Client Detail", "Invoice No" is added to the description field.
  • In "Admin Area > Support Ticket Details", if the customer is in black list, an information field has been added.
  • Cart and invoice payment stages were improved for the tax inclusive system.
  • Some improvements have been made to "hosting package upgrade".
  • When a service is renewed, the order's amount information will no longer change.
  • Some improvements have been made to the domain name transfer process.
  • When an order is canceled, all "unpaid" invoices for the order will be canceled.
  • For domain name service providers, an improvement has been made on cost information from the API.
  • Multiple contact information generation issue for NameSilo has been improved.
  • Domain control feature has been developed for the cache system. When the website is accessed with a different address, the cache will no longer be processed.
  • PHP file upload is blocked on "Admin Area > Software Product Details".
  • Those who move their system to a different server will no longer have any problems when they forget to remove their old system.
  • At the bottom of the page after the bill payment, a forwarding link has been added to the client area.
  • Enabling sms notification in the "password reminder" notification template was blocked, even though the SMS service is not used.
  • In the process of sending mass mails, external emails will now be sent as BCC instead of CC.
  • The FTP information box in "Client Area > Hosting Order Details" has been improved.
  • Contract fields in "Client Area > Account Preferences" have been removed.
  • Prohibited payment methods are blocked from appearing in the invoice detail.
  • Blocked customer accounts were blocked from logging in on Google and Facebook.
  • Language definition has been made for some variables in the activity history.
  • SSL support was introduced for the FTP backup system.
  • Since there is no e-mail management feature in DirectAdmin API, the management area for that specific place has been removed.
  • While adding invoice information at the payment stage, an improvement has been made regarding default country selection.
  • Date format can be changed on "Admin Area > Settings > General > Localisation".
  • "Invoice Number Format" feature on "Admin Area > Settings > Advanced" has been added.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the issue where the payment date is defined incorrectly in the invoice payment transaction of an order that is suspended and has 2 months past due date.
  • Fixed issue of editing for "product requirements group".
  • The "MySQL Strict mode warning" in the update process has been resolved.
  • Fixed "kvm lxc server not found" error for the Virtualizor module.
  • In order steps, if a mandatory selection is made for additional services, "quantity bar not appears problem" has been fixed.
  • White screen error has been fixed in the payment transaction with credit balance of the invoice.
  • The problem of "equal amount" in payments made with credit balance has been fixed.
  • Some language problems related to payment by bank transfer have been fixed.
  • International SMS service price update issue has been fixed.
  • Whois update issue on "Admin Area > Domain Name Order Details" has been fixed.
  • "Reseller discount not showing" issue on invoice preview screen has been fixed.
  • PayTR bank transfer iframe problem, fixed.
  • External link problem in hosting orders has been resolved.
  • Fixed the issue where WISECP Reseller Module appears on the product add-on creation / editing screen.
  • The problem of sending MutluCell sms has been fixed.
  • The redirection problem in the Shopier module has been fixed.
  • Paypal problem in TL payments has been resolved.
  • In the domain name query, the price problem associated with the cache has been resolved.
  • "Enter" problem in "Admin Area > Product Categories" external html insertion field has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of returning to "Responded" status if "Resolved" is checked when replying to support tickets.
  • The problem in the "Status" settings in the "Admin Area > Site Management > Pages" structure has been resolved.
  • The "Captcha" problem has been resolved in the domain name query process.
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