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What can you offer via WISECP?

Web Hosting / Reseller Services

Web Hosting / Reseller Services

With superior and unique shared hosting management system, you can add as many shared servers as you like, and easily import accounts on the server. Automatic installation, suspension, termination, re-installation, resource management, one-click cpanel/Plesk input, easy email management and many more can be provided through the API.

Domain Name Registration Services

Domain Name Registration Services

With unique and superior domain management system on the world, you can get all domain extensions and costs in one click. Costs are automatically controlled by the system every day, updated by the profit rate you specify, and automatically priced from 1 to 10 years.

Dedicated / Virtual Server Services

Dedicated / Virtual Server Services

With the advanced server management system you can made, suspend, and terminate automatic server installation. Rebuild, restart, startup, shutdown, VNC access, and more can be provided automatically through both the customer and the admin panel.

Software/Licensing Services

Software/Licensing Services

Buy or rent all your software via WISECP. In WISECP, you can perform license checks on your defined software, see unauthorized setups, suspend remotely, and show a license warning.

International Bulk SMS Services

International Bulk SMS Services

Now you can easily offer bulk SMS sales service. Your customers can send SMS via the WISECP customer panel. You can sell bulk SMS to the whole world. You can also provide API access and offer sample API codes to your customers.

Create Unlimited Products/Services

Create Unlimited Products/Services

Create different product groups in your desired category and industry on WISECP. Offer your products in one-time pay or periodic sale. Easily provision their sales / management / monitoring.

We Thought of Every Detail.

Open up to International Markets!

WISECP has superior features and equipment so you can trade easily on international market. Sell instantly all over the world with a few clicks.

Customer Management

Analyze your one-click customers, view all products and services, trade volumes and bills. Provide management and control of your customers.

Accounting and Billing

Easily track, manage and control all your financial transactions with accounting, invoicing and cash management.

Customer Support System

Stay connected with your customers at all times with a specially developed intelligent support system and knowledge base.

Developable Theme and Module

With open source theme and module structure you can develop it as you like and design your look.

Impressive, Remarkable Design

Your visitors will walk around your website in a comfortable, easy and understandable way. Your website will look professional and impressive.

GDPR Compatibility

WISECP has necessary equipment for compliance with the (EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR)

Smart Administration Panel

There is a new generation, intelligent and sophisticated, mobile-friendly administration panel that you can easily and quickly out your transactions with.

All Products and Services in One Basket!

Customers can purchase more than one product service at a time, with a place order and payment.

Various Payment Methods

Paypal, Bank Transfer, Account Credit and many payment methods are supported as standard. For more information, please visit the "Integrations" page.

Advanced Dealership System

You can give discounts for all your products and services, give dealerships, and increase your sales. Dealer discounts are automatically reflected at the ordering stage.

Coupons and Promotions

You can create discount coupons at your discretion and make them available for ordering.

Advanced Language Management

You can add as many languages as you like to your website. You can export the language you have added in Excel format, you can import it again after editing it. (Easy translation.)

Find and Replace in Languages

Find and edit any words or phrases you want to change on the system by searching.

Automatic Location Detection

WISECP automatically detects your location at the first entrance and activates the appropriate language and currency. The visitor can later change the language and currency depending on the request.

150+ Ready Currencies!

150+ ready currencies are available on the system. It is enough to activate only the currency you want to use.

Automated Currency Adaptation

WISECP automatically finds and defines exchange rates for other active currencies based on your local currency. You do not have to do extra processing.

Unlimited Color

You can define specific parts of your website to be compatible with your corporate colors.

Two Different Design

Two different designs are available as Agency and Corporate. You can choose from the control Panel on demand.

Staff Management

You can save all of your employees to the system by specifying the permissions you want. Your employees can make transactions on the basis of their authority.

Transaction Log Feature

Processes that all customers perform on the system are automatically saved.

Ultra Speed and Performance

With advanced cache memory feature, SQL queries no longer exist at all! Your site opens like a jet and saves your server resources.

Manageable Notice Templates

You can edit and manage all email and sms notifications sent to customers and staff.

Send Bulk E-Mail and SMS.

You can send bulk e-mails and sms to customers and staff. Campaign announcements and announcements can be made.

Page Management

You can add and manage as many pages as you want on your web site.

News and Announcement Management

You can broadcast news and announcements on your website. You can also ensure that the news and announcements you want appear only in the customer panel.

Blog (Article) Management

You can publish and manage categorized articles for your blog on your website. You can also define the comment feature.

Reference Management

You can categorize and publish your references on your website.

Menu Management

You can easily manage your website top menu / submenu / sidebar by simply dragging and dropping it.

Slider Management

You can manage the visual transitions found on the homepage of your website as you like.

Customer Feedback

You can publish and manage the opinions of your customers in the homepage of your website.

Contact Form Messages

Your visitors can send you a message via the contact form on the contact page of your website. These messages are displayed in your administration panel and you are notified.

Outstanding SEO Adaptation and Features

Automatic sitemap feature + meta management for all pages + Seo friendly URL features, always be ahead of your competitors, quickly rise!

Theme Management

Define the website and management panel colors according to your own enterprise. Show / hide / sort the items you want on your homepage.

Manage Customer Information

You can enforce the information fields you want for standard account information, prevent editing, and add as many custom fields as you like.

Header Background Management

You can optionally change the header background of all page structures.

OnlyPanel Features

You can only use WISECP as a panel so you have an external automation system running in the background of your current site.

Maintenance Mode

If you are going to do a job on your site, you can turn off the system to visitors and customers and post maintenance messages.


You won't forget anything now. With the the Reminder module available in WISECP, you can define reminders as mail or SMS, either one time or periodically.

Task Planner

You can create a work order for any customer through the Task planner by selecting staff or department. You can define start and end dates and many information for the job order you will create.

Superior and High Security

Automatic Bot and Spam Protection

Malicious attacks for any form fields are blocked by Botshield firewall. Botshield automatically engages and enforces the Captcha verification.

Database Security

The database access informations is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key on the software. Malicious contacts cannot read the database access information.

Location / IP / Browser Verification

In user and administrator logon processes, if the user's Location / IP / Browser data is different, the account is automatically locked and the verification process must be done.

Two-Factor Verification

In user and administrator logon processes, the session is protected with two-factor verification. This, provide unauthorized logon attempts from being permanently blocked.

Sensitive User Data

Sensitive data, such as a user password, is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key when saving to the database. Malicious contacts cannot read the user password and cannot change data such as email.

Fraud Control

E-mail and gsm number verification can be done after the new customer is registered. If your customer does not verify, he can not do anything.

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