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What Can You Do With the WISECP?

WISECP has advanced features that enable you to serve in many areas

With the hosting management system, you can add as many shared servers to the system as you want and easily import accounts on the server.

Some Features
  • Automatic account creation
  • Reseller account sales
  • Account suspension and termination
  • Re-installation, resource management
  • One-click hosting panel login
  • Package upgrade/downgrade
With the domain name management system, you can easily sell and manage the domain names through domain registration companies integrated with WISECP with the system.

Some Features
  • Import all extensions from the registrar
  • Import domains from the registrar
  • Automatic cost receive and pricing
  • Auto price calculation from 1 to 10 years
  • Promotion management
With the server management system, you can sell and manage virtual servers through vmpanel APIs integrated with WISECP.

Some Features
  • Automatic server setup
  • Auto-suspension and termination
  • Rebuild, restart, start, shutdown
  • Upgrading between packets
  • VNC access
With the license management system, you can sell or rent all your software, themes, add-ons and similar products through WISECP.

Some Features
  • Create automatic license control code
  • Adjust license check time
  • Remote suspension and warning page
  • See unauthorized installations
With WISECP, you can easily sell products and services in any sector and category.

Some Features
  • Create unlimited product group
  • Multiple and unlimited sub-category
  • Identify additional info for orders
  • Downloadable file identification for orders

High-Level Security

You are protected by strong layers of security at bank level

Bot and Spam Protection

Malicious attacks on any form fields are blocked by the Botshield firewall. The Botshield automatically engages and enforces the Captcha verification.

Database Access Protection

The database access information is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key on the software. Malicious contacts cannot read the database access information.

Location / IP / Browser Verification

During user and admin login, if the user's location / IP / browser data is different, the account is automatically locked and the verification is required.

Client Blacklist Management

WISECP has an advanced blacklist database that all users use in common. You can blacklist a client and block the purchase.

Proxy/VPN Security

You can block operations that are performed by using a Proxy/VPN or a server. This means that your customers cannot make create accounts and many other operations without using a real IP address.

Two-Factor Verification

In user and administrator logon processes, the session is protected with two-factor verification. This ensures unauthorised logon attempts are permanently blocked.

Sensitive User Data

Sensitive data, such as a user password, is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key when saving to the database. Malicious contacts cannot read the user password and cannot change data such as email.

Document Verification

When the predetermined conditions (filters) occur, the document verification system comes into play and requires the customer to upload some documents to the system.

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WISECP is a next-generation of web hosting and digital solutions automation software that automated billing, client management, support services and all other process of your business. It has been developed to enable all individual and corporate organisations operating in the field of information technology to easily provide product and service sales / management, invoicing and enforcement operations, client management, support services and all other process.

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