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How WISECP can automate your business

WISECP comes with all the important tools required to automate your business wisely

It allows creating the web hosting accounts with an ease, and allows the management of the hosting services.

Important Features
  • Automatic account creation
  • Account statistics
  • Account suspension and termination
  • Hosting account management
  • One-click login to control panel
  • Package upgrade & downgrade
Easily sell the domains, and provide the automation to your client for managing their domain name. WISECP integrates with numerous registrars to provide you the automation.

Important Features
  • Import all extensions from the registrar
  • Import registered domains from the registrar
  • Automatic pricing and calculation
  • Automatically add the profit on the base price
  • Promotion management (Provide free domain or at cheap price bundled with other services)
Allowing you to create virtual servers with automation, and the management of servers directly through the client area

Important Features
  • Automatic server setup
  • Auto-suspension and termination
  • Rebuild, restart, start, shutdown
  • Upgrading the services
  • VNC access
Easily sell the software through the most automated and wise system of WISECP, with software protection code.

Important Features
  • Automation software protection code
  • License verification
  • Remote suspension and warning page
  • Find unauthorized installations
Does your company offer other custom services too? No problem, WISECP can also handle it and allow you to offer the custom services.

Important Features
  • Unlimited services
  • Multiple and unlimited categories
  • Additional information for custom orders
  • Offer downloadable products

Automate Billing

Billing and management process is easier with WISECP. Automatic invoices are created for all products and services, sent to the customer, and can easily pay with a single click. Moreover, you can track your income and expenses with the "Cash Management" feature. (Supports EU Taxation)

Wise Management

WISECP has wise features that automates your business. It automatically performs your hosting, domain and other digital service sales. It alerts you in an unexpected situation. Sit back and watch your income with the rising sales chart!

Effective Client Support

Easily provide the support service to your customers. Instant message view with Ajax, knowledgebase, with completely real-time ticket system, custom notes, assign the ticket to different staff, saving the typed ticket as automatic draft and much more features.

Numerous Integrations

WISECP has integrations for all the famous web hosting control panels, payment gateways and virtual servers. Allowing you to automate your services completely. It allows allow you to easily create your own integrations with the developer documentations.

Sell Internationally

Easily sell all over the world with 150+ ready-to-use currencies, automatically calculated exchange rates with GeoIP service to detect user’s location automatically.

Developer Friendly

We provide many sample codes, documentation, API and hooks resources for custom integrations, modules and plugins. Thus, you can develop the modules as you like.

High-Level Security

Security is our first priority and WISECP is protected by strong layers of security

Bot and Spam Protection

Malicious attacks on any form fields are blocked by the Botshield firewall. The Botshield automatically engages and enforces the Captcha verification.

Database Access Protection

The database access information is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key on the software, preventing the unauthorized access to the data.

Location, IP & Browser Verification

During user and admin login, if the user's location / IP / browser data is different, the account is automatically locked and the verification is required.

Client Blacklist Management

WISECP has an advanced blacklist database, which blocks the fraud customers and also allows you to add the user to the blacklist.

Proxy/VPN Security

WISECP Security Features allow you to disable the customers from placing an order through any kinds of proxy or VPN.

Two-Factor Verification

Allows staff and users to setup 2FA Verification for higher security, preventing any kind of unauthorized access.

Sensitive User Data

Sensitive data, such as a user password, is automatically encrypted with a special and powerful encryption key in a database, preventing the unauthorized access to the data.

Document Verification

Place the restrictions and the conditions so that the users would have to require submitting the documents to prove their identity which helps you to prevent the fraud customers.

Learn more about security

WISECP is a next-generation web hosting and digital solutions automation software that automates billing, client management, support services and other services. It has been developed to enable all individual and corporate organizations operating in the field of information technology to easily provide product and service, management, invoicing and billing operations, client management, support services and other services.

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